How to Submit your Video Presentation

Donald Wasylenki Education Day 2023

Video Submission Instructions

Instructions on how to Submit your Video Presentation have been sent to all corresponding authors via email. If you cannot find that email, you can follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Prepare your presentation slides (you may use PowerPoint, Keynote, or any other similar software of your preference).

Step 2: Create a video that will include your slides as well as a video of yourself, presenting your work. 

  • For details on how to create your video presentation, check out our corresponding support article.
  • Please limit your video to 3 minutes.
  • The video file should be in .mp4 format.
  • Ensure that your video protects patient anonymity and integrity.
  • You don't need to upload your presentation slides separately.

Step 3: Navigate to the following address on the Internet and upload your video using the submission code provided in the Submission Code section below. Follow the three simple steps included in the Wizard to complete the submission of the video you prepared. Depending on the size of your video file, and your Internet connection, the submission process may take from seconds to minutes.


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