How to Submit your presentation

1. Prepare your presentation

These instructions are written for PowerPoint, but are applicable to any other software you may wish to use. Use PowerPoint 2007 or newer, and set the dimensions of your presentation to: 140 cm (55 in) width x 70 cm (27.5 in) height, in landscape orientation.

The presentation should be a clear visual presentation of  your submitted abstract and should meet the following criteria:

  • Your presentation will be displayed on a large screen in a break-out room and the audience will be seated a few feet away. Please ensure that your text is in sufficient size font (at least 18 point) so people can read it from their seats.
  • Title: It is recommended to keep the title of the presentation same as in the submitted abstract.
  • Size and format: Presentation must be submitted in PDF format.  It is recommended to make your presentation in PowerPoint (landscape) and then save it as a PDF before uploading.  Make sure you do not exceed the limit of 3 PPT slides for your presentation. You will not be submitting a summary slide. The 3 PPT slides will be archived, so there is no need for a summary slide.
  • Illustrations: Use only static images and do not embed any videos or animation in your presentation. It will only be displayed in PDF format so these features will not be functional.


2. Get your unique Submission Code

For every accepted presentation there is a Submission Code.

You can have the unique Submission Code sent to you via email, using the button below.

Click here to get your Presentation Submission Code(s)

3. Submit your presentation

To submit your presentation please follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the following address on the Internet:
  • Click on "Submit poster". When asked, please enter the corresponding Submission Code.
  • Follow the three simple steps included in the Wizard to complete the submission of your presentation. Depending on the file-size of your presentation and your Internet connection, the submission process may take from seconds to minutes.

Important notice: The submission process described above is fully automated, ensures your instant notification upon the successful reception of your presentation and allows you to automatically replace a previous presentation submission with an updated one, at any point in time before the deadline expires. Furthermore, it eliminates the chance that a presentation sent by email could be erroneously characterized as spam email and get lost. Therefore, only submissions through the process described above will be accepted.

4. Confirmation of Successful Submission

At the end of the Submission Process, you will receive an email confirming that your file has been successfully submitted and received.

5. Need to update your submitted presentation with new version?

If you want to update your submitted presentation file (e.g.: in case you find you made a typo) with a newer version, you can re-submit a newer version over the previous, anytime until the Submission Deadline expires.

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